Where can I get it from?

There are around 23 residential and 60 business “communications providers” who can supply superfast fibre broadband over the Openreach network (once the fibre cabinet is installed), so there is plenty of choice.  The full list is on the Superfast Openreach website.

Whilst some will want specialist services, providing a better service for home working for example, many are primarily interested in the best deal.  For that we strongly suggest using a cashback website like Quidco, as you can then receive up to around £150 cash back in addition to taking up the normal offers (sometimes up to £100 Sainsburys or M&S gift cards and discounted broadband), effectively reducing the price of a 12 month contract by £20/month.

The largest providers are BT themselves, Sky, TalkTalk, PlusNet and EE.  New kid on the block is Vodafone.  These generally offer the best pricing, at least for an introductory period.  Zen, Pulse8, and Andrews & Arnold are specialist providers focussing more on customer service, but with a typically higher cost.

See the Costs & Options page for more details.


Superfast Fibre Broadband for Everest Park, for Basingstoke, for Hampshire