Help the Campaign!

Please very simply register your details below to support the campaign.  Your help is invaluable.


So far we’ve got households registered out of 401. When you’ve registered above, it would be helpful if you could also:

  1. register your interest with the Superfast Openreach website
  2. register interest on Virgin Media’s updated Cable My Street website, as part of their £3Bn network expansion
  3. ask your neighbours to sign up too
  4. share links to promote our campaign via social media (eg/ on Twitter)!

If for some reason your address is not listed please contact us!

We will be very careful with your personal details and will not pass them to any third party, apart from Openreach or Virgin Media solely to confirm that the registrations are genuine.



Superfast Fibre Broadband for Everest Park, for Basingstoke, for Hampshire