Proximity to Power and Fibre

As you can see in this picture, power is more than readily available in the vicinity that a fibre twin cabinet for PCP102 would be installed.

PCP102 with power
Red box behind is developers power board. Street lighting is also present in the vicinity.

And with multiple fibre cabinets already provided along Popley Way (PCP104, PCP85, PCP45, PCP39, etc) within 500m to either side of PCP102, and with plenty of ducting chambers, providing the fibre itself should not be a problem.

Nearby Cabinets to PCP102
Map of PCP102 and surrounding cabinets showing those provided with fibre, and those without. Click for larger map.
PCP45 proximity
PCP102 (circled far left), the existing FTTC twin for PCP45 (circled foreground), and Everest Park properties
PCP45 and 104
FTTC twin for PCP45 (circled foreground), and FTTC twin for PCP104, and some of the properties in Everest Park served by PCP102 under construction (credit: Google Street View)
PCP45 proximity to Everest Park
FTTC twin for PCP104 being installed in 2012 (circled forefround), and FTTC twin for PCP45 in distance (circled far left), with Everest Park which lacks any Superfast Broadband under development.
PCP102… shown in situ with plenty of space for an adjoining fibre cabinet. Behind is the first phase of Everest Park built in 2007-8, which is also served by PCP102. Why can’t this cabinet be upgraded now?
PCPs 39 and 35
Further along Popley Way (a whole 200-300m from Everest Park!) are two further FTTC enabled cabinets, PCP39 (circled to the left) and PCP35 (circled to the right). Inset shows zoomed view of the same Google Street View, with location of PCP102 highlighted.



Superfast Fibre Broadband for Everest Park, for Basingstoke, for Hampshire