Number of Properties Served

With the Everest Park development essentially complete, there are 401 properties served by PCP102 according to the BT Wholesale xDSL Checker.

The cost of implementing each cabinet will of course vary by the specifics of the install, including distance and ground type to reach suitable power, availability of ducting and the proximity of existing fibre nodes to the cabinet.   As other pages explain, the cost here should be below average.

Taking into account the number of properties served by the cabinet, located within a suitably small radius of less than 500m meaning good speeds would be obtainable by all, and with what is known of the installation considerations pointing towards a below average cost, it has been confirmed by experts on the thinkbroadband forums that the cabinet should be commercially attractive to implement.

The exact costs will be commercially sensitive but online discussions widely put a typical cabinet cost at £30,000, which might sound a lot, but would be around only £80 per property served by PCP102.   With each line rental typically generating double that per year in revenue even before broadband costs, and the cost of providing the default copper line from the exchange to each premise including ducting likely to be well over that figure (Openreach provide the materials to the house builders to install the telephone infrastructure free-of-charge as documented in their Developer’s Guide), you’d think Openreach would be rushing to complete the install and start benefitting from the higher revenue stream of superfast broadband.


Superfast Fibre Broadband for Everest Park, for Basingstoke, for Hampshire