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Our Campaign Officially Launched

Today (16th August) we have leafleted all 375 properties in Everest Park,  The Glaciers and the Linden Homes phase 1 development with our Campaign Leaflet.

We have already seen a surge in registrations in the first couple of hours which is great news, and being the summer holidays we expect it will take some time before everyone sees the leaflet.

For those who’ve visiting this site for the first time, a very warm welcome. Please help us help you, by ideally displaying our flyer in your window for a week to encourage your neighbours to also take part, or mention the campaign to them when you see them. We’re sure at least a few will have seen the leaflet and automatically consigned it to the recycle bin without looking at it, and one or two dogs may have had an early lunch!

If you’ve registered with us, please then also register with Openreach if you can, and if you want to go a step further, you can also drop an email to Andy Dowling at Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council, who is looking after the council’s involvement. The more pressure he receives from residents, the more clout he has persuading Openreach to upgrade a cabinet. Persuasion has been successful with one of the cabinets at nearby Marnell Park, which was enabled last year (although the other, in a Taylor Wimpey area of the site, remains to be implemented).

The local and county councillors are also supporting our campaign, more on that soon.


New HCC Superfast Website

Hampshire County Council have dramatically improved the information available on their Superfast Broadband Programme, with a new dedicated website including detailed local mapping.  This includes overlays showing each of the 7 phases of the Hampshire Superfast scheme.

The site is not perfect, when zooming in more closely some overlays are not shown, and when looking at the Everest Park area, three of the final areas of the site to be completed are shown as not covered, whilst the remainder of the site is.  This presumably comes down to the accuracy and completeness of the postcode database at a point in time, rather than being reflective of real coverage plans.


One side effect of this however, is those who live in these ‘not covered’ areas can register their desire to obtain a superfast scheme;  whereas those in the rest of the site are just told they should have superfast broadband already (which of course, they don’t).  It would be useful for as many people as possible who are able to register, to do so.

The new HCC site does not really offer any new information to us, as it shows the development as being covered commercially, which is what we expected;  all we don’t know is when.




A first for Basingstoke?

Sky, in conjunction with LoveDigitalTV, have started installing a small trial FTTP network in Basingstoke, a first for the company. This takes advantage of a relaxation in government rules introduced last year, which allows telecom providers to deploy superfast broadband services via new telegraph poles. Previously guidelines had required services to be installed underground, which whilst much tidier, is considerably more expensive than the overhead method.

The relaxation in the rules was of course intended to help deliver superfast broadband to rural areas, so it is slightly puzzling why the trial area (near the Hackwood roundabout/A339 towards Alton) seems to be already served by both Openreach FTTC, and Virgin Media broadband. However, the trial website does imply speeds up to just under 1Gb should be available, so the speed does trump both of these other providers. It is not clear if both full FTTP and wireless options will be available.
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Update on neaby PCP43

The BDUK-supported enablement of PCP43 in Abbey Road, West Popley has now been brought forward from starting on 10th June, to commencing this Thursday 5th June.

PCP57, in the centre of town, which is listed as BDUK-funded, has also been brought forward to commence on 5th June.

Other current Openreach activities in Hampshire tend to be focused on the New Forest and Romsey areas, undertaking work for BDUK.


Another nearby cabinet scheduled

A new job was added to the database yesterday, for Openreach to install a new NGA (Next Generation Access, ie/ FTTC) cabinet for PCP43, which will close another gap in broadband provision in Popley. The cabinet is due to be installed 10th-23rd June.

With the cabinet addition at Taylor’s Farm at Sherfield On Loddon, where work was scheduled to start yesterday, it is encouraging to see Openreach actively installing fibre in the area. In Popley, this now leaves the Everest Park cabinet, PCP102, along with PCP92 (Taylor Wimpey’s end of Marnell Park), and PCP34 as still being without a fibre twin. The latter cabinet however is believed to be within the Virgin Media footprint.


New Openreach Cabinet Data

An independent website, FTTC Check, has obtained and published data from the April 2014 Openreach cabinet planning database, and this confirms data previously received from Openreach that our cabinet PCP102 is in ‘phase 13a’ of the superfast rollout, and covered by the commercial element of the programme.

What this information still does not provide, is any idea of when phase 13a is due to be implemented (or if it really ever will be), so it remains in our interest to register here and directly on the Openreach website to show our demand for the service and campaign for its speedy implementation.

Details of the other cabinets in the area show eight cabinets already completed under the commercial programme:

35 – phase 6a
39 – phase 2
40 – phase 2
42 – phase 2
44 – phase 2
45 – phase 2
101 – phase 9b
104 – phase 9b

One cabinet, 88, has just been FTTC enabled with BDUK funding.

The following two cabinets have not yet been upgraded and little information is provided, however these cabinet footprints generally have Virgin Media superfast fibre broadband available:


Which only leaves PCP 92, the second cabinet in Marnell Park (at the Taylor Wimpey end of the development… seems a common theme?!), as the only other area in the locality without superfast broadband available.


Taylor’s Farm FTTC on

Some potentially good news… Openreach have this afternoon added a job for the installation on FTTC to the cabinet serving the Taylor’s Farm/Sherfield Park Croudace Homes development just off the A33 north of Chineham.  Whether this is a continuation of the commercial rollout, which we expect to include Everest Park, or whether the developer is for example part funding or driving this, is unclear.

Gaiger Avenue
FTTC upgrade work for PCP15, Taylor’s Farm / Sherfield Park listed on

The main cabinet installation works are scheduled for 27th May to 9th June.

There is no further news either yet on cabinet 92 covering the second half of Marnell Park, which was expecting to receive service earlier this year after dates appeared in the BT Wholesale Checker and Openreach came out to mark the cabinet site on the verge.  Since then all has been as quiet as it has for our cabinet 102.