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92 &102 Day 13 Progress (Tue)

PCP102 VDSL cabinet looking (nearly) complete


The excavation for the power connection for PCP92 has been filled in over the last few days, but it still awaiting tarmac resurfacing.  The rest of the works appear complete, but a visit to pick up excess materials, barriers and signs is required.  Note that tomorrow (18th) is the last scheduled day of roadworks.


The roadworks for PCP102 appear to have completed a day early;  all materials, signs and barriers have now been removed from site, and the works have also been removed from today, despite previously scheduled until tomorrow.

Fibre connection was due today,  but it’s unclear whether that was completed or not;  it really is therefore now a waiting game (or one of trying to catch an engineer working on the cabinet and asking them!) until the cabinet goes live for “accepting orders”, which could be almost anytime!  We expect this to take a minimum of two weeks however.

One item to continue watching for is the cabinet lock changing from a basic green lock to a secure black lock;  this typically happens shortly before the cabinet goes live.


PCP95 Fibre Update

Openreach have provided an update on the works to provide superfast broadband to PCP95 in Rooksdown, which is the third cabinet in our extended campaign.

Whilst works to enable PCP92 and 102 have been underway since 5th November, those for PCP95 have not yet appeared on  However we now expect these to appear shortly.

Openreach have reported that was an issue with the planned cabinet location, but it has now been moved a couple of metres, and this has avoided any wayleave issues.  They hope to internally have a stand date for the cabinet today, and have stated it will be delivered to the previously discussed timeframe (ie/ by end Mar 2016).


92 &102 Days 10-12 Progress (Sat, Sun, Mon)




Over the weekend, the ground around the new VDSL2 cabinet was finished with a concrete surround;  and on Monday the hole exposed to make the power connection was re-filled, and the Openreach engineer was on site to complete the copper cabling works.

Openreach have also reconfirmed directly with us the current progress on PCPs 92 and 102, as part of a wider update:

  • 92 – Stood, powered, coppered, and fibre Mon/Tues. Waiting for M+C.
  • 102 – Stood, powered, copper today and fibre Mon/Tues next week.

92 &102 Day 9 Progress (Fri)

Power to both cabinets 92 and 102 was installed this morning, another significant milestone.  This is one of the tasks that has long-delayed a number of fibre cabinets, and really only leave the fibre to be run in.

Power joint for PCP102 VDSL2 cabinet
Power joint for PCP92 VDSL2 cabinet

The engineer who was working on the tie cables between PCP92 and its fibre twin yesterday, was as scheduled doing the same on PCP102 today, though the wind somewhat got the better of him, repeatedly destroying his tent and slowing progress somewhat.  It’s therefore expected that this work will now be completed on Monday.

The fibre will subsequently be provided to the fibre cabinet by first running protective tubing, and then blowing fibre through it.  Neither of these tasks have been done yet, at least for PCP102, as the engineer confirmed the tubing was not yet fed into the cabinet.

Engineer at work on PCP102
Engineer at work on PCP102 installing copper links to the new VDSL2 fibre cabinet
BT Openreach engineer running in 4x multipair tie cables between the PCP and VDSL cabinet

92, 95 &102 Day 7&8 Progress (Wed/Thur)

The only progress on day 7 (Wednesday) appears to have been the reinstatement of most of the pavement and the road carriageway that was dug from PCP92 to the planned power cable joint.

On day 8 (Thursday), two large Openreach vans were at PCP92, with both the existing PCP and new VDSL2 fibre cabinets open, by 8:15am, and with several of reels of cable around and about.

Early morning at PCP92 – tie cables going in

By 11:30am just one engineer was left working, fixing tie cables into the right hand side of the fibre cabinet.  Whilst speaking to him, the manager of the local NGA works by chance turned up and gave the following good news:

  • tie links between 92 and its fibre twin should be in by the end of the day, with the fibre itself being pulled in from Carpenters Down today or tomorrow also.
  • the  same engineer’s next job (he didn’t previously know it, he just picks up jobs one by one from his computer!) is to do the same with 102;  however the ducting has not been finished to enable this, but the utility company had said it would be this lunchtime (see below!).
  • power connections both cabinets are scheduled to take place tomorrow, this had been scheduled for yesterday (day 7, Wednesday) but was delayed by the power company.
  • he expects both cabinets to be “accepting orders” in the next 2-3 weeks!
  • he’s visiting PCP95 tomorrow to look at it again, and he expects that to have been installed by Christmas too.

Having gone to check 102, at 11:50 the ducting was still not completed, but NGA manager was just parking up as I left, and started peering into the holes in the ground.  Can only expect he was straight back onto the phone with the civils company, hopefully there will be progress shortly!

IMAG5438 IMAG5439 IMAG5440

Update 3pm
Ducting at 102 has now been completed and the ground filled in (apart from where the power connection will be made), so this is now ready to receive its fibre and tie connections too.


92 &102 Day 6 Progress (Tuesday)

This morning saw further power cable trenching works for PCP92 (or technically, its fibre twin)… and then late in the day its cabinet shell was installed.  PCP92 has therefore shuffled into the lead, as its ducting is now compete, whereas PCP102 still requires the last couple of meters into the pavement chamber to be completed.

There was other cabinet work also taking place today, in this case PCP104 adjacent to the Lowe Gardens/John Hunt Drive end of Everest Park was re-shelled by the same utility provider.  It appears the old PCP cabinet was physically full, and so its lid was removed and a new larger one installed.  Some photos below.


No progress!


PCP92 FTTC Install Progress, Day 6 – Power cable ducting complete, blue rope ready to pull the cable through. The power cable appears much larger than that to be used for PCP102.
PCP92 FTTC Install Progress, Day 6 – Power cable ducting complete, what’s is unknown is why the choice of jointing location. From survey markings, the power cable itself runs all the way down the pavement, so why not joint it directly opposite the VDSL2 cabinet?
PCP92 FTTC Install Progress, Day 6 – Power cable ducting complete
PCP92 FTTC Install Progress, Day 6 – Power cable ducting complete, cabinet base waiting its hat!
PCP92 FTTC Install Progress, Day 6 – Power cable ducting complete, cabinet base awaiting its hat, and the other end of the blue rope.

IMAG5396 IMAG5389

And finally the cabinet:

VDSL2 fibre twin for PCP92 in position


PCP104 adjacent to Everest Park was also re-shelled today to overcome capacity issues.

Nice new PCP104 shell…. with additional ducting also being installed to the pavement chamber


PCP104 with its existing (now older) fibre twin to the rear…. and behind that houses in Everest Park which have been so close to fibre and unable to receive it!!
Additional ducting also added from the new PCP to the adjacent pavement chamber, which has been similarly core-drilled as for the FTTC installations.
The old iron cabinet lays smashed and dejected!

… and as it had looked before….

(c) Google Street View – the old PCP104 as it had looked before

92 &102 Day 5 Progress (Monday)

For much of the day, there was little progress on either site.  A team arrived in the morning, and re-instated the pavements, initially at PCP92, and then at PCP102.  For the former, this was in preparation for the roadworks being shifted to the other side of the road to complete the trenching to a suitable power cable jointing location, as otherwise both pavements would have been out of service concurrently.

However late in the afternoon the VDSL2 cabinet shell for PCP 102 was delivered and installed, which is another great step forward in the project.


PCP 102 FTTC Install Day 5, pavement re-instated but before the FTTC shell was installed
PCP 102 FTTC Install Day 5, leaves and mud starting to tarnish the nice green cabinet floor!
PCP 102 FTTC Install Day 5, telecom ducting into the core-drilled pavement chamber still to be completed (from day 1)
PCP 102 FTTC Install Day 5

And with a hat on…

PCP 102 FTTC Install Day 5 – cabinet shell in place!
It’s arrived! PCP 102 FTTC Install Day 5 – cabinet shell in place!
Nicely in line with the existing PCP102, unlike the pavement location at PCP92
The cabinet now even comes pre-installed with the power warning – but alas there is no power connected – yet!



PCP 92 FTTC Install Day 5, pavement re-instated around the cabinet base
PCP 92 FTTC Install Day 5
PCP 92 FTTC Install Day 5, pavement re-instated, allowing work to move to the other side of the carriageway
PCP 92 FTTC Install Day 5
PCP 92 FTTC Install Day 5, cabinet base surrounded by fresh tarmac
PCP 92 FTTC Install Day 5

92 &102 Day 4 Progress (Sunday)

On Sunday afternoon the cabinet plinths for both PCPs 92 and 102 were put in place, with the ‘templates’ used to form the foundations being removed first.


PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP102 FTTC Install Day 4


PCP92 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP92 FTTC Install Day 4
PCP92 FTTC Install Day 4

92 &102 Day 2 Progress (Friday)

PCP 102

Having completed the power duct, cabinet foundation, the majority of the telecom ducting, and core-drilled the existing pavement chamber on Thursday, work focused on PCP92 on Friday.  Below are some photos in daylight after the first day:

PCP102 FTTC install day 2
PCP102 FTTC install day 2
PCP102 FTTC install day 2
PCP102 FTTC install day 2


PCP 92

Whilst the cabinet foundation for PCP92 was laid on the first day of work, the ducting did not progress far.  The work team completed the telecom ducting to the pavement chamber on Friday, and then progressed across the road carriageway, completing half, in search of power.

PCP92 FTTC install day 2 – power duct works
PCP92 FTTC install day 2 – power duct works
PCP92 FTTC install day 2 – comms ducting complete
PCP92 FTTC install day 2 – power duct works across the carriageway
PCP92 FTTC install day 2