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“Local” Superfast Works for Jan 2015

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any superfast broadband roadworks scheduled in Basingstoke at present, shows that a number of the villages and towns around Basingstoke are having superfast broadband deployed during January;  cabinets in Herriard, Stratfield Saye, and Overton are amongst those showing planned work.

Typically the site shows BT/Openreach works 2-3 weeks in advance, so with any luck the engineers will move back into our area soon.



Everest Park DSLAM (Fibre Cabinet) Listed on Openreach Checker App

Whilst we’ve not yet had any formal announcements on progress towards implementing a superfast fibre broadband service at Everest Park since September, Openreach to appear to be making progress behind the scenes.  The BT Wholesale Checker tool, which allows people to see broadband services available to them over the Openreach network, still does not list a forecast service date for FTTC for Everest Park, but the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) – ie/ FTTC cabinet – is now listed when searching the RG24 9SZ postcode (for Edmund Court).  This was not listed.

PCP102 DSLAM listing on BT Wholesale Checker, Jan 2015
PCP102 DSLAM listing on BT Wholesale Checker, Jan 2015

This typically happens during the planning phase, and has been observed in a number of other local FTTC implementations several months before the cabinet is installed, so is a very positive sign.


Superfast Hampshire

Hampshire County Council’s BDUK scheme to deliver broadband improvements to (mainly) rural areas has now reached the 100 cabinet mark.

The article on the scheme’s website here states this covers 23,450 properties, so an average of 234 properties per cabinet.  With almost double that on our PCP102, it is perhaps not surprising that in the event we were deemed to qualify for commercial coverage.

The leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Roy Perry,   took the opportunity (no doubt in part due to our campaign and the involvement of our Hampshire County Councillor Jane Frankum) to comment on developer’s responsibility in large scale new-build developments:

“I also think it is imperative that all new large scale developments have superfast accessibility from day one. It is high time local authorities were given the power to insist on that as an essential requirement when granting planning consent.”

“Reliable broadband services are important for the county’s economic prosperity and making sure as many people who live and work here have access to good broadband speeds – is a priority for us. ”