Another milestone reached for Everest Park PCP102

It looks like superfast fibre broadband continues to be popular at Everest Park, and there is further justification to our campaign, with news today that PCP102 has once again moved to Waiting List status.

PCP102 returns to Waiting List status
PCP102 returns to Waiting List status

This is the third time the cabinet has been temporarily full since it went live on 8th December 2015.   It initially sold out on the 11th December after just 2.5 days, and a second card was fitted and the cabinet went back on sale on the 18th December.  The cabinet then went to Waiting List status again just over a month later on the 22nd Jan, this time returning to Available status on the 2nd February.

This time it’s taken nearly three months to, we assume, fill another line card.  Whilst that shows a slowdown in takeup, it means the cabinet is half full already, and around 144 lines have been switched over to fibre.  This is significantly ahead of our survey response where around 100-120 properties said they would upgrade to fibre within 6 months of it becoming available.

We will obviously prompt Openreach about this and hope they are as swift as the recent second card install at PCP95, which happened within 3 days of the first line card being full.