Update on PCP95

Apologies for the lack of news on PCP95;  a flurry of activity in mid January saw the cabinet being installed, but there has been little sign of progress towards it going live.

[EDIT 01/04/2016] Openreach have today confirmed Basingstoke PCP95 is now in final test, and will be released for customer orders by or on next Friday 8th April.

The problem appears to be with providing fibre to the cabinet from the local distribution point in Priestly Road, which itself is affected by the roadworks on the nearby A340.  Due to the width distribution point being in the carriageway itself (rather than under a pavement or verge), Openreach had decided a road closure was necessary to carry out the works, and the county council had said this should be done once the A340 works are complete in July.

The good news is that following further involvement of residents and ourselves, Openreach have renegotiated access with the council, and were allowed to carry out the required works from 5am to 9am this morning (with access again tonight if necessary) to complete the connections required to the cabinet.

Openreach are therefore hopeful that the cabinet will be commissioned and tested in the next few days and live in the next week or two.