Government brokers HBF/Openreach deal for new builds

The government has announced a new deal between BT Openreach and the House Builders Federation (HBF) which attempts to overcome the madness of new homes often being the worst served for broadband – as of course affected us in Everest, Marnell and Limes Parks.

The deal means Openreach will make FTTP the default for new build developments over 250 properties, and provide it for free in that instance.  For smaller developments developers will only pay the gap funded amount (presumably against the completed development), where previously it appeared Openreach were ignoring the planned property total, and were basing costs on a green field.

There is the odd catch, including requiring developers to give at least 9 months notice via an online planning tool, so don’t expect to see anything change overnight. Existing developments don’t seem set to benefit directly either, so this is unlikely to make and difference to the current developments in the Popley and Rooksdown areas.