Uncertainty over broadband at Spiers Meadow

David Wilson launched their show homes at the new Spiers Meadow development, adjoining Marnell Park which the same developers constructed in 2009-11, last weekend.  The first few residents appear to have moved in around a week earlier.

The homes are, on the face of it, very well equipped for the future with Ethernet points collocated with standard phone and tv/dual-satellite points, plus additional phone and TV points for Virgin Media, in the lounge, kitchen, study and master bedroom of each property, wired back to a central patch panel.

What is somewhat disappointing however is that the BT/Openreach connectivity appears to be copper rather than fibre-to-the-premise though like many new developments, residents have moved in before Openreach have actually connected anything up, so it’s feasible things could change.  However ports inside the property are copper, and two copper cables emerge through the external walls awaiting for Openreach to pull cables through the external ducting to meet them.

Lets hope that if the premises don’t receive FTTP, at least FTTC will be offered, though even that isn’t currently clear.  With neither, the Openreach offering would likely to be around 2-3Mbps.

The somewhat good news is that at least superfast and even ultrafast broadband will eventually be available from Virgin, regardless of what Openreach deliver, and both providers installed ducting to the site over six months ago so planning has obviously been going on for some time even if the work is not yet complete.