Progress on PCP95

Good progress was made on the VDSL2 twin for PCP95 in the first week of construction;  contractors installed the main cabinet shell on Thursday, and below is how the cabinet looked on Friday.  The site is very compact, with only minimal ducting required to the nearby pavement chamber, and for power.  When the pictures were taken, the power cable was still awaiting connection.

It is likely that the remaining connections will be made in the next week, and the cabinet ready for service in mid to late February.

2016-01-22 15.42.57
VDSL2 cabinet for PCP95 installed 21/1/2016

2016-01-22 15.43.11

2016-01-22 15.42.19

2016-01-22 15.43.34

2016-01-22 15.42.46
Blue pull rope for power cable can be been in the hole under the barriers