One Up, One Down – PCP102 back to Waiting List

Following the return of availability on PCP92 (Marnell Park) at around 4pm on Wednesday 20th Jan (indicating the addition and commissioning of another 48 port line card), less than 2 days later at around 11am on Friday 22nd Jan, PCP102 (Everest Park) has returned to a Waiting List status.

This implies the second line card, added just a week after the cabinet went live due to the first card selling out in just over 2 days, is also now full – 96 ports in total.  This is great news and proves the demand that our campaign demonstrated, which is significantly ahead of the national average.

Having taken around a month to add the new card for PCP92, but only a week for PCP102s first addition,  we shall ask Openreach to chase up provision of the next card, and will advise when it has been installed!