Good news updates!

Openreach are trying to stop us getting the Monday blues with a good news update to welcome in the still fairly new year!

Firstly they have confirmed that an additional line card is required for PCP92, which has been in the “Waiting List” state since 18th December.  The job for these works has now been issued to the specific organisation in Openreach who handles it, and the card will be installed ready for further customer orders by this Friday 22nd January.

Secondly Openreach have provided the following update for PCP95 in Limes Park.  This cabinet has until now not seen any work despite PCPs 92 and 102 being completed.

“We have had to change supplier for this cabinet.  We now have a revised DSLAM stand date of 22nd Jan 2016, and power and fibre and copper connections will follow from this.”

Better than this, residents have spotted contractor teams actually commencing work this morning on the VDSL2 twin for PCP95, laying the plinth foundation and commencing ducting works.  This tallies nicely with the above update from Openreach, as the DSLAM stand date is thought to be the date the main cabinet shell is installed, and therefore preparatory works would need to be undertaken before then.

PCP 95 foundation installed 18 Jan 2016 – photo courtesy J Godfrey.

Based on the timescales of PCPs 92 and 102, residents could expect to see fibre available to order in around a month’s time.

Finally Openreach have confirmed an additional three commercial cabinets in Hampshire are due to be enabled/completed this quarter – unfortunately they have not advised which as yet.