PCP102 Additional Capacity Added

After a hiatus of 7 days (and after being available for just 2.5 days before that), Openreach appear to have added additional capacity to PCP102’s VDSL2 fibre cabinet.  Most likely an additional 48 ports (one line card) have been added.

Despite Openreach enabling a waiting list feature in their ordering systems in November, most providers have still spent the past week declaring Fibre was not available at all – which may have confused anyone trying to order who had heard that it was now available.  Following this morning’s status change on the BT Wholesale DSL Checker however, service providers (ISPs) are now showing availability again.

TalkTalk’s availability checker now shows fibre is available again

Whilst it’s almost certainly too late for anyone ordering a fibre upgrade today to have the service installed before Christmas, it may be possible to get an installation date just before the new year, or at the very least the first week of January.

BT, Sky and many of the other providers have updated their offers again, as they tend to do weekly.  We’re just in the process of updating our Costs page with these details.