PCP102 Waiting List

The BT Wholesale DSL Checker is still reporting a ‘waiting list’ for fibre on PCP102, however our checks show most providers have not yet updated their systems to be able to offer this service which was only set up by Openreach last month.  PlusNet are the only mainstream provider we’ve checked that currently shows Fibre Broadband as available to properties connected to PCP102;  BT Retail, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Zen all just imply fibre is not available.

None of the providers state the area is fibre-enabled but the current cabinet capacity provisioned is temporarily full.  Even PlusNet, who will take an order, do not highlight upfront that there may be a delay.

The good news is that Openreach were seen working on the cabinet yesterday and appeared to be installing a new line card to provide extra capacity, though it is not yet showing up in any of the online checking tools.  We expect the cabinet is only 1/6th or 1/3rd “sold” currently, and was only provisioned with 48 or 96 ports from a maximum of 288.  Openreach do this as a large proportion of the cost is in the 48-port line cards, so they are fitted as the existing capacity is filled up (eg/ at 75%).  Due to high initial demand when the cabinet was released for service last week, they were not able to install the next card before the previous “sold out”.

We will send an email to those registered once further capacity becomes available.