Cabinet full…. already?

It has been a little over 63 hours since Superfast Fibre Broadband went on sale to users of PCP102 – and it seems the initial capacity provided has been sold out already!  We’ve fired off an email to query, but the Superfast Openreach website is reporting “High Demand” (which means the cabinet is enabled but all provided ports are occupied), and the BT Wholesale DSL Checker now shows there is a waiting list in place!  FTTP-on-demand has remained listed as available, so again pointing to the same issue.

Availability checker for PCP102 showing FTTC estimates with a waiting list!
A similar status on the Superfast Openreach website
… but BT still say you can’t order right now.

We understand that initially Huawei cabinets like ours are initially deployed with one or two 48-port fibre line cards, but can accommodate up to six in total (giving a maximum capacity per cabinet of 288 ports).  It therefore appears at least 48 households have ordered a fibre upgrade in the last 2½ days!

We’ll update this page if/when we find out any news, but  if the first card or cards are full, expect it to take Openreach a week or so to provision more.

Whilst the BT Wholesale DSL Checker says that there is a waiting list in place, and you can still place an order, the main BT website doesn’t allow you to place an order with them!  The waiting list featureless only added by BT Wholesale in November, and providers will still be updating their systems to work with it.  Some providers may well still accept orders by phone, but then and promotional terms and offers are unlikely to be available – so for most people, the best course of action would be to wait.