Superfast Fibre Broadband is now Available!

Superfast Fibre Broadband is now available at Everest Park…. only 5 years after much of Basingstoke received it!  This morning (8th Dec 2015) around 10am, Openreach released the new VDSL2 cabinet to ‘accepting orders’.  This is the second cabinet of the three we’ve been campaigning about to go live, just leaving PCP95 in Rooksdown.

Broadband Availability Checker now showing Fibre is available at Everest Park

The new cabinet covers all of the former John Hunt of Everest School site, comprising of the Elevate, Glaciers, and Everest Park developments – around 405 properties in total.   We had around 140 registrations to this site, and Openreach typically only install line cards to support 96 lines when they first enable a cabinet (however it will be upgraded with additional cards to 288 lines as needed)…. so if you want fibre broadband for Christmas, get in quick!

There are details of current broadband offers on the Costs and Options page, however please check the details thoroughly with the actual providers before committing to a contact.  Also be aware that if you’re currently on an “LLU” package (typically if your current provider is Sky or TalkTalk), there needs to be a two stage process to proving broadband if you change provider, which the new provider should manage, but there is a risk you lose all broadband for a period when doing this.  The better providers will manage this more effectively.

As the BT Regional Partnership Director pointed out in August when she visited Everest Park, there are no fibre-fairies, and you won’t automatically receive a speed upgrade because of the new cabinet;  you do need to explicitly purchase/upgrade to a fibre broadband package.

Will anyone take advantage of the 330Mb fibre-on-demand product?  This is a niche item, and carries an install charge of several thousand pounds, but the ‘regular’ up to 38Mb fibre packages, with line rental, can be had for effectively around £20/month if you switch supplier and choose a promotional offer and take into account cashback and gift vouchers – sometimes even less.   With the more niche suppliers such as Zen, the cost with line rental starts at £36.49/mo.

If you have any particular questions, we recommend the thinkbroadband forums, forums from the individual providers (which include lots of ‘feedback’!), the Basingstoke Broadband Facebook Group, or you can email us.