Availability Checker Dates Revised

Whilst we’ve been focusing on works on the ground with the fibre cabinet installations for PCPs 92 and 102, the forecast ready for service dates provided BT Wholesale DSL Tracker have recently been updated.

Earlier in the year, and in line with many outstanding commercial cabinets across the country, dates for PCPs 92 and 95 were revised to Mar 2017.  However this latest update brings the dates back into line with the work ongoing, very positively giving a date of 31-Dec-15 for PCP92;  PCP95 has been given a date of 31-Mar-16.



An FTTC forecast for PCP102 has only ever appeared briefly once, it appears some issue in BT’s systems stops FTTC data being displayed;  we hope this is corrected when the cabinet goes live, or we may never know about it!