Further updates – PCP95 (Basingstoke), PCP7 (Bassett) and PCP60 (Southampton)

Openreach have supplied further detailed updates to the information provided last week on several cabinets, including PCP95 in Rooksdown, Basingstoke.

Basingstoke 95 – the civil engineering supplier is awaiting the power connection fee to be processed;  they will then be able to obtain a date for the power connection from the power supplier, and plan the cabinet build around that date.

Bassett 7 – We have been following this fairly closely due to contact from several residents, and therefore queried its status with Openreach.  It appears the physical FTTC VDSL2 cabinet was installed over 18 months ago, shortly followed by a new PCP cabinet itself.

Bassett 7 where the PCP is in the process of being moved through “copper re-arrangement” – © Google Street View

Openreach have now confirmed that the cabinet upgrade was previously released back from the supplier due to complexities in completing the work [which requires copper re-arrangement, moving the PCP formed of two old cabinets into a new modern adjacent cabinet].  However recently they have been able to progress this work again, having managed to get an early start on major lane closures of the A33 Bassett Avenue to enable access to underground chambers in the carriageway to perform the necessary re-arrangement.  This was completed 2 weeks ago.

Southampton 60 – This PCP is located next to a potential development site (the former East Street Shopping Centre in central Southampton, which was demolished several years ago).  Like Bassett 7, the PCP is formed of a pair of older cabinets, and a VDSL2 cabinet was sited in 2012 (before the demolition) but has not been able to be brought into service.

Openreach have stated the development site has changed hands several times over the last couple of years, causing delays.  However our approach appears to have prompted Openreach to restart works on this cabinet as it doesn’t appear any nearby development will be taking place soon.  As of this week they are therefore now progressing planning for the power, copper and fibre, and will provide a further update when details are confirmed.