Update on the Hampshire 22

As promised earlier in the year, Openreach have now provided an update on their intent regarding the remaining ‘commercial’ cabinets in Hampshire (incl. Southampton and Portsmouth) that we highlighted to them.  These are cabinets which we believe were identified to be enabled by Openreach’s commercial programme, and therefore are out of scope for BDUK/council top-up funding.

As per our own cabinet, PCP102 is Basingstoke, many of these have the impression of being ‘forgotten’ about, though the reality comes down to available funding and issues that have arisen.  A number of these cabinets have been stood already, but there are problems connecting them to the fibre network or making them live.

The good news is that in addition to our three cabinets committed to in August, Openreach are also hoping to complete works on Basingstoke PCP20 in Old Basing this year (by end Mar), and have also completed three cabinets from the list in the Southampton area in the past month.

12 of the remaining 15 cabinets are currently in the proposed list for the 2016-17 financial year (ie/ works between Apr 16 and Mar 17); however we understand that the national and regional budgets for 2016-17 are still subject to confirmation in early Jan 16, hence this information is subject to change.

One cabinet has been identified as ‘at risk’ (of being removed from the commercial programme) due to excessive build costs.  Google Streetview shows this cabinet 60 as actually being formed of two old cast iron cabinets in the middle of Southampton, and there has been a fibre twin in place for well over a year.  The likelihood is that the existing cabinets would need to be re-shelled to provide space for the required tie-cables, but nearby street furniture prevents this.

A further update is expected on the two cabinets in yellow.

 Exchange Cabinet Status
Hampton, Southampton17Completed Oct 15
Hampton, Southampton53Completed Oct 15
Hampton, Southampton69Completed Oct 15
 Basingstoke 20 15/16 Programme Q4
 Basingstoke 92 15/16 Programme Q4
 Basingstoke 95 15/16 Programme Q4
 Basingstoke 102 15/16 Programme Q4
 Bassett, Southampton7 Proposed for 16/17 *
 Hampton, Southampton 5 Proposed for 16/17
 Hampton, Southampton 11Proposed for 16/17
 Hampton, Southampton 26Proposed for 16/17
 Hampton, Southampton 63Proposed for 16/17
Lymington2Proposed for 16/17
Portsmouth72Proposed for 16/17
Portsmouth North End51Proposed for 16/17
Ringwood11Proposed for 16/17
Sherfield-on-Loddon (Turgis Green)15Proposed for 16/17
Southampton60At risk, high cost **
Titchfield5Proposed for 16/17
Titchfield11Proposed for 16/17
Twyford2Proposed for 16/17
Winchester57Proposed for 16/17

*, ** Openreach provided a later update on these cabinets, published here.