92 &102 Day 13 Progress (Tue)

PCP102 VDSL cabinet looking (nearly) complete


The excavation for the power connection for PCP92 has been filled in over the last few days, but it still awaiting tarmac resurfacing.  The rest of the works appear complete, but a visit to pick up excess materials, barriers and signs is required.  Note that tomorrow (18th) is the last scheduled day of roadworks.


The roadworks for PCP102 appear to have completed a day early;  all materials, signs and barriers have now been removed from site, and the works have also been removed from roadworks.org today, despite previously scheduled until tomorrow.

Fibre connection was due today,  but it’s unclear whether that was completed or not;  it really is therefore now a waiting game (or one of trying to catch an engineer working on the cabinet and asking them!) until the cabinet goes live for “accepting orders”, which could be almost anytime!  We expect this to take a minimum of two weeks however.

One item to continue watching for is the cabinet lock changing from a basic green lock to a secure black lock;  this typically happens shortly before the cabinet goes live.