92 &102 Day 9 Progress (Fri)

Power to both cabinets 92 and 102 was installed this morning, another significant milestone.  This is one of the tasks that has long-delayed a number of fibre cabinets, and really only leave the fibre to be run in.

Power joint for PCP102 VDSL2 cabinet
Power joint for PCP92 VDSL2 cabinet

The engineer who was working on the tie cables between PCP92 and its fibre twin yesterday, was as scheduled doing the same on PCP102 today, though the wind somewhat got the better of him, repeatedly destroying his tent and slowing progress somewhat.  It’s therefore expected that this work will now be completed on Monday.

The fibre will subsequently be provided to the fibre cabinet by first running protective tubing, and then blowing fibre through it.  Neither of these tasks have been done yet, at least for PCP102, as the engineer confirmed the tubing was not yet fed into the cabinet.

Engineer at work on PCP102
Engineer at work on PCP102 installing copper links to the new VDSL2 fibre cabinet
BT Openreach engineer running in 4x multipair tie cables between the PCP and VDSL cabinet