92, 95 &102 Day 7&8 Progress (Wed/Thur)

The only progress on day 7 (Wednesday) appears to have been the reinstatement of most of the pavement and the road carriageway that was dug from PCP92 to the planned power cable joint.

On day 8 (Thursday), two large Openreach vans were at PCP92, with both the existing PCP and new VDSL2 fibre cabinets open, by 8:15am, and with several of reels of cable around and about.

Early morning at PCP92 – tie cables going in

By 11:30am just one engineer was left working, fixing tie cables into the right hand side of the fibre cabinet.  Whilst speaking to him, the manager of the local NGA works by chance turned up and gave the following good news:

  • tie links between 92 and its fibre twin should be in by the end of the day, with the fibre itself being pulled in from Carpenters Down today or tomorrow also.
  • the  same engineer’s next job (he didn’t previously know it, he just picks up jobs one by one from his computer!) is to do the same with 102;  however the ducting has not been finished to enable this, but the utility company had said it would be this lunchtime (see below!).
  • power connections both cabinets are scheduled to take place tomorrow, this had been scheduled for yesterday (day 7, Wednesday) but was delayed by the power company.
  • he expects both cabinets to be “accepting orders” in the next 2-3 weeks!
  • he’s visiting PCP95 tomorrow to look at it again, and he expects that to have been installed by Christmas too.

Having gone to check 102, at 11:50 the ducting was still not completed, but NGA manager was just parking up as I left, and started peering into the holes in the ground.  Can only expect he was straight back onto the phone with the civils company, hopefully there will be progress shortly!

IMAG5438 IMAG5439 IMAG5440

Update 3pm
Ducting at 102 has now been completed and the ground filled in (apart from where the power connection will be made), so this is now ready to receive its fibre and tie connections too.