We are a GO!

[4pm update, new photos added below showing the base essentially complete!]

Today marks the most significant step forward to date in the provision of fibre broadband to Everest Park, as Openreach’s “civils” partner Options has this morning started work on installing the fibre cabinet pedestal base and ducting from the existing Openreach chambers.

PCP102 works underway
Works commence to install the fibre twin for PCP102, 5th Nov 2015

The works look to align with the markings painted at the beginning of September.

Recent cabinet installations for BDUK around Basingstoke appear to have gone live in around a month, so all being well we could be looking at being able to order a fibre service in early December.  However many cabinets have not gone so well, and there is as yet no guarantee of when the cabinet will go live.  The fact Openreach have started work and invested money “on the ground” is the most significant thing, and means its not if, but when!

For our “neighbours” in Marnell Park who receive service from PCP92, the good news is that the workmen confirmed they will be moving on to go the same preparatory work for their cabinet later.

We will of course continue to chase Openreach over PCP95 in Limes Park, for which the roadworks have not been scheduled as yet.

PCP102 Fibre Install
Options work team installing the ducting and cabinet base for the VDSL cabinet
PCP102 works underway
PCP102 fibre works, 5th Nov 2015

And four hours later….

It doesn’t take long to do the groundworks;  by mid afternoon, the cabinet plinth is laid, and most of the ducting in, including for the power cable.  Assume the metal plate is a template for laying out the ducting and threaded rods to which the cabinet itself is attached… it certainly doesn’t look new!

IMAG5245 IMAG5238