And 92 is not far behind!

After doing the groundworks for PCP102, the Options Civils team moved onto Marnell Park and started the works for PCP92. Again they’ve completed the cabinet base, and have started the ducting. No sign of the power source yet, the scheduled roadworks (and the pile of sand and scalpings left behind… anyone in Marnell builing a patio?!) imply that could be quite a long run. Hopefully tomorrow, all will be revealed.

PCP92 Basingstoke FTTC Install
A sign of what’s to come…. 🙂
PCP92 Basingstoke FTTC Install
Cabinet base in. Either Openreach bought a load of bases in 2009 and have literally been sitting on them… or the metal is a well-used template to lay our the ducting and threaded rods. Somewhat odd with all the grass around why the cabinet is in the pavement, lets hope they don’t have to dig it up and move it!!

It’s not clear why the cabinet has been placed in the pavement, narrowing it, either. Presumably the land has not been transferred into public hands, and is looked after by a private management company – as is typical on new developments. Therefore it was easier for Openreach to site the cabinet in the pavement. Lets hope no-one complains….!


PCP92 Basingstoke FTTC Install
Ducting going in
Lets hope their bags of cement are waterproof… and to heavy for someone to bother taking away!
PCP92 Basingstoke FTTC Install
Cabinet not where it was expected to be, looking at the markings placed in September



PCP92 Basingstoke FTTC Install
Sand and scalpings anyone? Presumably to fill in the power trench tomorrow.