Installation Works In Early November?

The best sign yet that fibre is coming…. at least to PCPs 92 (Marnell Park) and 102 (Everest Park)… has appeared today on

As you can see in the following screenshots, power cabling works for both cabinets has been scheduled for 5-18th November.  This is a little unusual as historically there was was an initial set of roadworks covering the cabinet base install, and a subsequent set of power works;  and latterly (especially under the BDUK programme), there has been a single set of works stating “cabinet install and power works”.   It would also be tricky to install power without having a cabinet in place!

PCP 102 power works scheduled for 5-18th Nov, but when is the cabinet being installed?


So we expect things to change, hopefully the scheduled works dates won’t slip and both the cabinets will be sited, and power will be installed, in the 5-18th Nov window… but we shall see.  If that does happen, we may even have fibre available (to order) in time for Christmas, though with the lead time for the orders to be processed, it’s almost certain to be into the New Year before we can benefit.

We’ll keep a further eye out for updates, as well as continuing to chase Openreach directly for information;  and also keep an eye out on PCP95.  We’ve recently discussed PCP95 with the local councillor for Rooksdown, Simon Bound, and it appears the land is currently owned by the Homes and Communities Agency rather than the local council.   It’s likely the wayleave application process for PCP95 is therefore slightly different, and we expect that is why no details for this cabinet have emerged today.  We’ve not been notified by Openreach of any particular issues so do not expect any problems getting PCP95 enabled, but will keep an eye on the matter.

[UPDATE 26/10] is also showing the planned installation of cabinet (in fact two, the build looks like Exchange-Only line replacement and also includes a new PCP cabinet) in Sutton Scotney for the same date range, 5th – 18th November.  This set of works includes the full text:

STREET CABINET & POWER INSTALLATION. Excavate to lay approx 5m BT ducts, Lay concrete plinth, Stand cab. Excavate to expose low voltage cable for Power Connection and lay approx 1m duct. POWER engineer to carry out inspection prior to jointing. POWER jointing team to insert cable and execute jointing works. Reinstate, Check and clear site. Also build new PCP next to DSLAM cabinet and lay approx 6m of duct to man hole.

… which shows the planned duration for the works on PCPs 92 and 102 should be long enough to complete the main cabinet siting and connections.