Signs on the Ground…

Whilst we’ve yet to hear back from Openreach after our meeting in mid-August, over the August Bank Holiday weekend the first signs of progress appeared at each of the cabinet locations, with white lines on the pavements showing that some surveying work for the planned fibre cabinets has been undertaken.

The cabinet for Everest Park’s PCP102 appears to be going a few paces to the right of the existing cabinet, with an approx. 4m run of ducting being required from the main pavement chamber directly in front of the existing cabinet. It’s not wholly clear from the markings where power will come from, but there is possible a mark for this just behind the planned cabinet location.

Cabinet 102 markings
Location of fibre twin for PCP102, Basingstoke, circled.
PCP 102 view
View from existing PCP to planned fibre twin

For the other two cabinets, the source of power is clearer; PCP95 in Limes Park is set to have its fibre twin a few paces to the left, with power from around the nearby lamp post. Thanks to James for these photographs.

95 markings
Location for PCP95 twin
95 power
… and source of power (just to the left of cabinet location)

And PCP92 in Marnell Park’s fibre twin will be on the opposite side of the road, but only around a meter of ducting from the main pavement chamber seems to be needed, and power looks to be running between the two and easily available also.

PCP 92 markings
Location for PCP92’s fibre twin
PCP 92 view
… nearly missed as on the opposite side of the road to the PCP.

There was also a very temporary update to the BT Wholesale xDSL Checker last week which for the first time forecast speeds and availability of fibre… though within minutes the update and vanished again!


Address xxxxxxx , BASINGSTOKE, RG24 9xx on Exchange BASINGSTOKE
is served by Cabinet 102
Featured Products
Downstream Line Rate(Mbps)   Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)  Downstream Range(Mbps)  Availability Date

WBC ADSL 2+     Up to 2   — 1 to 3.5 Available
ADSL Max         Up to 1.5 — 1 to 2.5 Available
High Low High Low
FTTC Range A (Clean)   80 66   20   20   —       31-Mar-16
FTTC Range B (Impacted) 80 56.5 20   17.8 —       31-Mar-16
WBC ADSL 2+             Up to 2   —       1.5 to 4 Available
ADSL Max               Up to 1.5 —       1 to 3.5 Available
WBC Fixed Rate   1         — —       Available
Fixed Rate       1         — —       Available

Other Offerings
FTTP on Demand         330       30       —       31-Mar-16
Fibre Multicast        —       —       —       31-Mar-16
Copper Multicast       —       —       —       Available

[UPDATE 09/09/2015]
PCP 102 does now have an availability date of Mar 16 on other systems as shown here:


Work has started in the last few days for two more BDUK funded cabinets in Basingstoke, this time PCPs 122 and 129 in the town centre around Alencon Link, presumably supplying many of the flats around that part of town. Hopefully physical construction of our cabinets won’t be too far behind.

Town Centre BDUK Works Sept 15
Roadworks scheduled for Sept 15 to install fibre to PCPs 122 and 129.