The madness appears to get worse…

The BT Wholesale xDSL Tracker has updated in the past few days to show the following message for the local cabinets 92 (Marnell Park), 95 (Rooksdown) and Sherfield cabinet 15 (Taylor’s Farm):

FTTC is currently not available on this cabinet due to following reasons:- Cabinet to be enabled between Apr-16 and Mar-17. Date to be confirmed once the survey is complete..

Previously these cabinets were forecasting end of Sept 15 for availability.

Everest Park cabinet 102 has never shown a forecast date or speeds for fibre and this has not changed.

What is particularly disappointing with this new delay (which also affect other cabinets across the country) is the news here on the Hampshire Superfast Broadband website published today, which states that take-up of fibre in Basingstoke’s Rooksdown ward is the highest in the county at 68%Cabinet 95 is of course in the Rooksdown ward and shares with the rest of the locality the same issues of very poor ADSL speeds due to the distance from the exchange, so take up of fibre is not surprising.  Almost the whole ward, like Marnell Park, Everest Park and Taylor’s Farm is also made up of relatively expensive (vs. the surrounding area) new build properties, populated by a large number of young families – the people most likely to take and benefit from a fibre broadband package.

It beggars belief therefore that completion of the rollout in these areas is not being prioritised, and instead the rollout to relatively expensive-to-cover, less densely populated areas, many with faster current ADSL speeds, takes priority at taxpayer expense.

The good news is that Openreach and parent BT are starting to take notice of our campaigning efforts, and we are hoping to meet them to discuss the situation face to face shortly.