Virgin making tracks

Virgin Media has now completed their new duct install from an existing chamber in the verge adjacent to Everest Park (demonstrating just how close their network is), crossing Popley Way, continuing along Carpenters Down, and into Marnell Park (whose roads have now been adopted). This is to (presumably) provide TV and broadband services to the new David Wilson “Spiers Meadow” development, an extension of Marnell Park.

What is interesting to note is that T’s have been installed to some of the properties passed inside Marnell Park as the duct passes through to the new development. Whether Virgin will be in a position to supply a service to these properties an a short timeframe, or only when they extend their network to the rest of the original Marnell Park development, remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see when any further work is planned to provide network extension to dwellings under Virgin’s £3Bn expansion.

[UPDATED 23/06/2015] Virgin Media have today announced the formal start of their expansion programme, starting in Manchester.

Virgin frustratingly close to Everest Park
Virgin ducting crossing Popley Way, frustratingly close to Everest Park (background), and with an Openreach FTTC cabinet (supplying older developments) also in the foreground. Click to see full size image (and how crooked the duct route is!).
Virgin frustratingly close to Everest Park
Spur to Spiers Meadow/Marnell Park from existing Virgin chamber on the doorstep of Everest Park. This ducting is known to continue along Popley Way under the pavement in front of the Everest Park houses in the distance, adjacent to which is a further existing FTTC cabinet, again only supplying older areas. So many superfast broadband opportunities are literally on the doorstep, but remain frustratingly out of reach!