Frustrated? Annoyed? You Soon Will Be!

If you’re one of the residents of Everest Park (PCP102) or Marnell Park (PCP92) who have been waiting for what seems like forever for superfast broadband, this will probably annoy you… unless you feel like moving? It is however perhaps a welcome step forward that others won’t be in the same boat as ourselves. So, what is it? is now showing works scheduled for the 7th – 11th May for Virgin Media to dig a trench all the way from the verge on the Everest Park side of Popley Way (touching the development and only around 100m from the Openreach cabinet we’ve been waiting so long to be enabled), across the road, along Carpenter’s Down, then into Barrington Drive, Cleeve Road and Hewitt Road through Marnell Park itself (which also wasn’t provided with Virgin Media and where the Openreach cabinet is now around 18 months late and residetns are still waiting), out to David Wilson Homes new phase 2 extension of Marnell Park which has just started development! In the mean time, both Everest Park and the initial phase of Marnell Park including a number of homes that will be directly passed, have to do without!

It is assumed this is to provide TV and broadband services to phase 2 of Marnell Park, which is of course welcomed. But couldn’t David Wilson and Taylor Wimpey sort out their existing developments first. Virgin Media have ducting all along Popley Way past Everest Park, which is all the more frustrating for the residents of Lowe Gardens where this runs directly in front of their houses; but like the residents of phase 1 of Marnell Park who will be immediately adjacent to this new cable, these ‘transit’ cables connect between street distribution points, and we have been told they are not suitable for providing a direct consumer cable connection! screenshot of works planned to provide Virgin Media to Marnell Park phase 2 screenshot of works planned to provide Virgin Media to Marnell Park phase 2