Taylor Wimpey and Openreach CAN work together… just not here!

Taylor Wimpey, Openreach, and Hampshire County Council are all singing their praises in a joint press release over an agreement to provide Superfast Fibre Broadband to the Abbottswood development, outside Romsey.  And they don’t seem to be hanging about either, as the press release from March states the cabinets will be installed during April.

Several questions fall out of this:

  1. Why are Taylor Wimpey getting involved on one development, but not others where they slope shoulders and put the problem solely in the hands of Openreach?
  2. How can Openreach install cabinets so quickly, as they told us it would take 6 months, and in fact there’s still no sign of any work after that time.

The quote from Gavin Pidduck, head of regional sales for Openreach is interesting: “The agreement at Abbotswood shows the power of working together. Our close working relationship with Hampshire County Council and the developers has made this upgrade possible…”.    Equally that of Tom Locke, senior technical manager for Taylor Wimpey Southern Counties: “As a considerate, responsible home builder we are dedicated to creating thriving and successful communities…”.

Perhaps it is time that we engaged with Gavin Pidduck and Tom Locke to ask why, with their close working relationship, provision at Everest Park, Marnell Park and Limes Park continues to be delayed.