Virgin Media to spend £3Bn on network expansion

Whilst not likely to be an option for us just yet, as until the roads are adopted (which often takes years) Taylor Wimpey will almost certainly prevent anyone digging them up, but Virgin Media have today announced a £3Bn network expansion, to increase their footprint from 13 to 18 million properties.

In particular Virgin plan to in-fill urban areas in which they already have a presence, and all the older areas of Popley surrounding Everest Park do already have Virgin cable as well as Openreach FTTC, so we fit the bill well on that regard.

We recommend all residents visit Virgin Media’s updated Cable My Street website and register an interest, as the greater the interest, the more likely they then are to include us in their plans over their 5 year rollout.

Virgin currently offer an up to 150Mbps service, with faster speeds in the pipeline, where even when we do receive it, Openreach FTTC will be limited to 80Mbps.  The latest, brief and not entirely convincing response from Openreach as to when we should be able to order FTTC services, was to check with them in April.

We do still hope a service will be provided in the March/April/May timeframe, but it is difficult to get any concrete update from Openreach.  A number of BDUK works are currently taking place or scheduled imminently in villages around the Basingstoke area, but little commercial extension is currently showing on in Hampshire.