Hampshire Superfast 95% Extension

Hampshire County Council have signed another contract with BT, to provide superfast broadband coverage to 95% of Hampshire properties, from the 90% of the original BT/BDUK/HCC contract.

An expansion of the map on the Hampshire Superfast Programme website is hard to analyse, but it does appear to show some notable things:

  • A large and rural DCMS Innovation Fund trial area east of Winchester, where around £1.2M is being given to Call Flow Solutions (who have previously focussed on work in Kent) to look at hybrid methods of providing superfast broadband to around 1500 properties.  More details including another map are in this document available on the DMCS website.
  • A number of business/industrial areas of Basingstoke look set to receive upgrades in this 95% upgrade, including Houndmills, Jays Close, Wade Road, Chineham Business Park, etc
  • Some 95% work in residential areas like Rooksdown, Cliddesden, and perhaps end western end of Popley Way and Chineham.
  • And the all important blue area ringed in a red circle on the map appears to be us, PCP102/Everest Park – for which the map key reads “Areas where commercial provision is expected to be made”.  The blue area on this map doesn’t cover the whole development, but this we expect is an artefact of the development only being part-complete when these areas were scoped;  once the cabinet is enabled everyone connected to it should be able to buy a superfast service (until the cabinet is full, of course!).
  • There are also a few other blue slithers including one that looks like Skippets Gardens, which are other areas expected to be enabled commercially.
Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme 95% map – Everest Park is the blue area circled in red

So hopefully this is further promising news.  Obviously there is no timeline provided against the blue areas, but earlier HCC maps implied our development was already implemented, which of course it isn’t yet, so we are at least now a blip on a radar!