News from Openreach!

Openreach have now confirmed that they will upgrade PCP102 serving Everest Park to provide a superfast fibre broadband service by the end of March 2015, following discussions between the BT Regional Partnership Director (South East), Peter Cowen, and our local councillors David Potter and Vivien Washbourne.   David and Vivien highlighted their support for our campaign, and the high level of demand for superfast services demonstrated by our initial leafleting.

This is of course great news, received in under a week from the approach to BT’s Regional Partnership Director, and only tempered by the fact that until this approach was made causing a “comprehensive review” to take place, we have been overlooked and planning work for the installation has therefore not yet started.

Openreach have provided, via Mr Cowen, the following statement:

“Openreach is committed to bringing high speed fibre broadband to as many communities as possible and continually reviews its deployment plans to ensure that’s the case.

“Due to the relatively low number of premises connected to the cabinet serving Everest Park at the time of our initial survey, it was not included in the early phases of our commercial fibre programme.

“The good news for local residents is that Openreach is planning to enable the cabinet by Spring next year. This is following a detailed review of the expanded development which now has significantly more houses connected to the cabinet.

“Openreach is keen to work with developers as early as possible to allow us to efficiently align our fibre deployment plans with their development plans. To support this we have a dedicated ‘new sites’ team in place which focuses on connecting new developments across the UK to our open access network.”

It has been confirmed that  … enable the cabinet by Spring next year…  means by March 2015.   We have asked if regular contact can be maintained over this period with Openreach, in order to provide continuing reassurance that this target will be met, and keep fellow residents up to date.

Both Openreach’s statement, and Mr Cowen, highlighted the need for developers to engage with Openreach in order to prevent situations like ours occurring, and essentially for the planning applications process to need to mandate provision of a superfast service as developers are failing to unilaterally act.  Taylor Wimpey were included in the correspondence from both ourselves and our councillors but have not to date provided a response.

Openreach have now updated their fibre broadband website, to show that superfast fibre broadband is due to be provided.

PCP102 Basingstoke Commercial Programme Inclusion
Superfast Openreach website showing that our cabinet PCP102 is now included in their commercial programme.