Our Campaign on Cable.co.uk

Cable.co.uk have published a report on our campaign to bring Superfast Fibre Broadband to Everest Park (Basingstoke PCP102).

They received an ‘interesting’ response from Openreach when asking them to comment on our campaign, “The Everest Park development isn’t included in BT’s current commercial or BDUK roll-out plans for fibre broadband – possibly because it didn’t exist three to four years ago when these were devised.  It might well be upgraded to fibre under Hampshire County Council’s future plans, but those haven’t been confirmed yet and BT has not been contracted to carry out the work.”

This appears to conflict with the information Openreach have previously given Hampshire County Council, whose own detailed broadband website shows the area covered by our cabinet, PCP102, as commercially provided;  and with information Openreach have previously told residents via their now-retired NGA Enquiries service.  For example:

The cabinet feeding your line PCP102 is not due for deployment until Phase13a Which is Quarter4 2013/14, the cabinet in question is currently planned as FTTC.   (Openreach NGA Enquiries, 25/07/2013)

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Basingstoke Exchange, cabinet 102 (FTTC).  Our systems indicate that the cabinet has recently been brought into the programme and at present the work is in its very early stages.  Due to the complexity of the work involved we are hopeful the cabinet will be ready for service mid-August 2013, barring any complications.   (Openreach NGA Enquiries, 08/04/2013)

We now have 91 individual properties registered with the campaign, and is still slowly rising after our first leaflet drop two weeks ago, which is great news, and thank you to everyone who has registered so far (the website shows the number of individual registrations which is slightly higher).  However it would be really helpful if residents can continue discussing the campaign with their neighbours to continue the momentum.

As mentioned in the article at cable.co.uk, the campaign team are meeting our local ward and county councillors next week to discuss how they can help us, and any support we can get from Basingstoke & Deane and Hampshire County Councils.  We are also drafting communications with Openreach and plan to open discussions with them in the next couple of weeks.