Promote the campaign to your neighbours

On the leaflet we distributed over the weekend, we asked if residents could display it in their windows for a week to remind their neighbours about the campaign.  From our own experience, we know that you’re often in the middle of twenty tasks when you pick up your post, so put it to one side to deal with later.  Or you see a sheet of loose paper and automatically put it in the recycling without giving it a second glance.

This research, from, shows how effective local promotion significantly increases registration and subsequent take-up of superfast broadband.  And in order to be successful in our campaign, we need to achieve as high a percentage of registrations as we can, to incentivise Openreach that we are the area they should be upgrading first.

So we encourage all of you who have been patiently waiting (and waiting) for Superfast Broadband at Everest Park to speak up and encourage your neighbours to see the benefits it will bring, and to register their interest.

Download a larger printable banner to display in your window here.