Our Campaign Officially Launched

Today (16th August) we have leafleted all 375 properties in Everest Park,  The Glaciers and the Linden Homes phase 1 development with our Campaign Leaflet.

We have already seen a surge in registrations in the first couple of hours which is great news, and being the summer holidays we expect it will take some time before everyone sees the leaflet.

For those who’ve visiting this site for the first time, a very warm welcome. Please help us help you, by ideally displaying our flyer in your window for a week to encourage your neighbours to also take part, or mention the campaign to them when you see them. We’re sure at least a few will have seen the leaflet and automatically consigned it to the recycle bin without looking at it, and one or two dogs may have had an early lunch!

If you’ve registered with us, please then also register with Openreach if you can, and if you want to go a step further, you can also drop an email to Andy Dowling at Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council, who is looking after the council’s involvement. The more pressure he receives from residents, the more clout he has persuading Openreach to upgrade a cabinet. Persuasion has been successful with one of the cabinets at nearby Marnell Park, which was enabled last year (although the other, in a Taylor Wimpey area of the site, remains to be implemented).

The local and county councillors are also supporting our campaign, more on that soon.