New HCC Superfast Website

Hampshire County Council have dramatically improved the information available on their Superfast Broadband Programme, with a new dedicated website including detailed local mapping.  This includes overlays showing each of the 7 phases of the Hampshire Superfast scheme.

The site is not perfect, when zooming in more closely some overlays are not shown, and when looking at the Everest Park area, three of the final areas of the site to be completed are shown as not covered, whilst the remainder of the site is.  This presumably comes down to the accuracy and completeness of the postcode database at a point in time, rather than being reflective of real coverage plans.


One side effect of this however, is those who live in these ‘not covered’ areas can register their desire to obtain a superfast scheme;  whereas those in the rest of the site are just told they should have superfast broadband already (which of course, they don’t).  It would be useful for as many people as possible who are able to register, to do so.

The new HCC site does not really offer any new information to us, as it shows the development as being covered commercially, which is what we expected;  all we don’t know is when.