New Openreach Cabinet Data

An independent website, FTTC Check, has obtained and published data from the April 2014 Openreach cabinet planning database, and this confirms data previously received from Openreach that our cabinet PCP102 is in ‘phase 13a’ of the superfast rollout, and covered by the commercial element of the programme.

What this information still does not provide, is any idea of when phase 13a is due to be implemented (or if it really ever will be), so it remains in our interest to register here and directly on the Openreach website to show our demand for the service and campaign for its speedy implementation.

Details of the other cabinets in the area show eight cabinets already completed under the commercial programme:

35 – phase 6a
39 – phase 2
40 – phase 2
42 – phase 2
44 – phase 2
45 – phase 2
101 – phase 9b
104 – phase 9b

One cabinet, 88, has just been FTTC enabled with BDUK funding.

The following two cabinets have not yet been upgraded and little information is provided, however these cabinet footprints generally have Virgin Media superfast fibre broadband available:


Which only leaves PCP 92, the second cabinet in Marnell Park (at the Taylor Wimpey end of the development… seems a common theme?!), as the only other area in the locality without superfast broadband available.