Taylor’s Farm FTTC on roadworks.org

Some potentially good news… Openreach have this afternoon added a job for the installation on FTTC to the cabinet serving the Taylor’s Farm/Sherfield Park Croudace Homes development just off the A33 north of Chineham.  Whether this is a continuation of the commercial rollout, which we expect to include Everest Park, or whether the developer is for example part funding or driving this, is unclear.

Gaiger Avenue
FTTC upgrade work for PCP15, Taylor’s Farm / Sherfield Park listed on roadworks.org.

The main cabinet installation works are scheduled for 27th May to 9th June.

There is no further news either yet on cabinet 92 covering the second half of Marnell Park, which was expecting to receive service earlier this year after dates appeared in the BT Wholesale Checker and Openreach came out to mark the cabinet site on the verge.  Since then all has been as quiet as it has for our cabinet 102.