We have done it! Fibre Broadband for Everest Park Now Available!

Superfast Fibre Broadband IS NOW AVAILABLE (most of the time)!

Superfast Fibre Broadband via Openreach VDSL2 (FTTC) is now available at Everest Park from a range of internet service providers. Following our campaign, the cabinets supplying Everest Park (Basingstoke PCP 102), as well as at nearby Marnell Park (Basingstoke PCP 92), were installed in November and went live at the start of December 2015;  and Basingstoke PCP95 supplying part of Limes Park completed the trio, going live in early April 2016.

New cabinet looking (almost) complete 19 Nov 2015

Since then PCP 102 has “sold out” three times, PCP 92 twice, and PCP95 once.  Each VDSL2 cabinet supports up to 288 fibre broadband lines, but this capacity is provisioned using up to six 48-port line cards, the cards being fitted one by one when its predecessor becomes full.

The first card in PCP102 “sold out” after 2 days, and it took a week for fit an additional card, during which time potential customers are simply told by most ISPs that “fibre is not available”!  Just as PCP102s second line card was fitted, PCP92s first sold out, and that took nearly a month for a second card to be installed.  And two days after that happened, PCP102s second card then sold out!  On 2nd Feb PCP102s third card went live.

PCP95 finally went live, slightly later than planned, on 8th April, after some challenges Openreach faced completing the fibre works due to major carriageway reconstruction roadworks on the A340.  By 19th April PCP95 had sold out for the first time, but this was quickly rectified and it was on sale again on the 22nd.  However barely a week later on the 30th PCP102 became full for the third time.   Again Openreach were quick to address this, and it returned to available status on the 5th May.

This almost certainly means the cabinet is already half full, a great achievement and at 144 lines, is beyond even our campaign forecast!

Check out the Costs and Options page for information on current superfast fibre broadband deals.

Campaign History

The Everest Park Superfast Fibre Broadband Campaign group formed in 2014 following online discussions by residents and repeated changes to when, or even whether, we would ever receive a fibre broadband service.  Despite the majority of Everest Park (plus the Glaciers and Elevate developments) being constructed after the arrival of fibre broadband in Basingstoke, the developers (Taylor Wimpey) opted not to provide any fibre to the development and with a lengthy run of cable to the exchange in the town centre, broadband speeds in the area were at best around 2Mb-4Mb.

Following a leafleting campaign which attracted fantastic support, with over a quarter the the development’s 405 properties registering interest, and most more than that, an intent to purchase a fibre broadband service within 6 months of it becoming available, our local councillors supported our cause, and we opened a dialogue with Openreach.

Initially signs were positive and a commitment was made  by Openreach to connect the development  by the end of March 2015.  Unfortunately that came and went, with no sign of progress and contact was lost.  Reinvigorating our campaign, this time along with our local county councillor, Jane Frankum, and residents from Marnell and Limes Parks who faced similar issues, we extended the reach to include cabinets in each of these developments too – PCP 92 in Marnell Park, and PCP 95 in Limes Park.  With new contact established in the summer of 2015, senior representatives from BT and Openreach attended a meeting on-site on 12th August.

At the meeting Openreach confirmed funding in their current financial year (FY) to enable PCP 102, and also 92 and 95.  Openreach also committed to providing an update on all outstanding ‘commercial’ programme cabinets in the county, which they subsequently did – see here.  [Ed:  there have also been subsequent updates, check the News]

Openreach commenced work on installing the superfast fibre broadband cabinet which supplies Everest Park on 5th November 2015, with the main cabinet being sited on the 9th November.  Civil engineering works were completed a day early on 17th November, and the cabinet was declared ‘live’ (accepting orders) on the morning of 8th December.  Just in time to get fibre installed for Christmas!

PCP 92 was installed in a similar timeframe, and went live a few days before PCP102, on the 2nd December.  On 18th Jan 2016 Openreach also commenced works on PCP95, and this was completed slightly later than planned, on 8th April.


VDSL2 FTTC cabinet for Basingstoke PCP102 installed 9th November 2015

The news section contains a lot more detail.


Everest Park from Google Earth
Location of Everest Park development (since completed) and local Openreach PCP and FTTC cabinets on a Google Earth 3D view of Popley





Superfast Fibre Broadband for Everest Park, for Basingstoke, for Hampshire